Net Scan – Android App for Network Discovery and Port Scanning.

Not just another android port scan app. Net Scan strives to be the fastest one out there. On top of just scanning ports, Net Scan also utilizes network discovery to scan an entire network for IP aware devices (fancy for computers, routers, smartphones, printers, scanners, gaming consoles, or whatever). Once a list of devices is found, they can be clicked on to run a port scan.

When I first started coding this app, I tried to list some of the more annoying usability issues common in a lot of mobile and non-mobile apps. The last thing you want to have to do on a phone is type anything you don’t have to. Sure there’s always going to be one or two scenarios in which you’re going to HAVE to type in parameters, but they were avoided at all costs using smart selections and field auto-population. For instance, when running a simple port scan on a machine, instead of giving a blank field to enter an ip address the user is instead given a field with an address already populated that’s relevant to the network they’re on. Instead of having to type in whole addresses, the user can just backspace on the last few digits and replace them. Sure this might sound small, but in the world of mobile devices, any help the user gets with inputting data is huge.

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In addition to the lightning fast port scan there’s also a Quick Scan feature which scans for a small set of widely used ports. This scan is almost instant and is great when you need to go down the list to see which computers on the network have ssh or http open. There are a lot of future plans to make this Quick Scan option flexible and fully configurable.

More features are on the way.

This is my first android app. I’m developing on the Motorola Droid, but if anyone has issues on other phones please leave me a comment.

Release Updates:
v1.6.0 2013-12-23
-Theme changes to work with newer Android builds
-Add Donate option to allow donation via Google Play (Billing permission added for this)
-Bunch of bug fixes

-Show your network’s outside IP address.
-Can now add a label or description to a network device.

-Show open ports on main network device list.
-Fix a couple of Jellybean issues.
-Optimize for multi-core


  1. B. White says:

    Love this app, Nick. Simple and effective. Wondering if you’d be willing to make this open. I’m a developer, but have little experience in the java/Android world. I’m really interested in the lower level network side and would love to see some code. Suppose we could take a peek?

  2. Nick says:

    I don’t plan on open sourcing at this time. My time is limited and just trying to keep updates on the calendar is enough for now.

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